And Just Like That Spring is Here!

And Just Like That Spring is Here!

 A breath of fresh air. Some sunshine on my face and a walk without the snow suit.

These things made me so happy this month!

The early spring weather was a wonderful surprise in March and gave me so much hope for spring. It’s hard to believe that when I started writing this post last week there was still snow on the ground. I know Anna loves the snow, but I’ll take sunny, warm weather over winter everyday!

I can’t wait to get Hayden out into the backyard playing in the dirt and using our kiddie pool.

This month Hayden and I really enjoyed visiting some of our local parks.

I decided somewhere around the beginning of March that I was ready for spring, whether it was here or not. I packed us up and we headed out to the play equipment at the park down the street. I was being very optimistic and did not even put on my snow boots… big mistake! There was still tons of wet snow on the ground and no clear path into the swings, my feet got completely soaked!

Hayden, however, was dressed very appropriately and LOVED the swings and going down the slides.

I did not even think about taking him to the park earlier in the winter, assuming that it was a summer activity, but it was a lot of fun! I can see how if he was little older, he would love jumping off the swings into a pile of snow too.

 If only I would follow that same advice and wear my boots maybe winter would be much more enjoyable!

Now the snow has melted my feet are toasty warm and we have spent many days playing at the different parks around town. I can already tell this is going to be an amazing spring!

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