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Days Like This...

Days Like This...

This week Kiera shares with us the reality of parenting in a pandemic. Here's what it really like, no glossed over highlight reel, just 6:00 am with a teething baby. Thank you Kiera for you raw honesty.

Days Like This...

This morning it was raining. Again. There was nothing I wanted more than to curl up in my cozy blankets in the cool, dark room and listen to the rain as I went back to sleep. This used to be one of my favourite things before becoming a mom! But, baby was awake, and calling for me so up I get.

Its 6:30 am and I'm looking down the barrel of a long day of darkness and rain.

My husband is working nights, so he's asleep all day and Hayden is teething, so napping is probably not going to happen. Days like this are hard, especially during a pandemic.

out for a walk in a fleece hat

On days like this I find my patience is low and its so hard not to give into grumpiness. I know how important it is for me to get outside at some point-not only to have something to do, but to combat these low feelings.

 I almost always feel better after heading outside and getting some fresh air, even if its just for 15 minutes.

I have to remind myself of this sometimes. Luckily in the afternoon it stopped raining, the sun didn't come out but at least the temperature was decent and Hayden and I could head out to take the dog for a walk. 

playing in the leaves baby
I begrudgingly put my shoes on and bundled Hayden up, it wasn't very cold but I wanted to make sure we were ready if the wind picked up or it started to rain again. I told myself I could just go around the block, that’s an easy 15 minute walk.

But once we got to the end of the road, I figured we were already outside anyways

and had an hour to kill before making dinner, so we decided to keep going. And I'm so glad we did! We found the best pile of fallen leaves to play in! A pile of abundant fall colours, super crunchy in our hands and under our feet, and all piled up begging to be jumped in. Yes, we got damp from the wet leaves but Hayden's head was toasty warm in his awesome January Baby fleece hat so I wasn't worried.
baby in the leaves fleece hat

So, we came home a little damp, but SO much happier. Heading outside made the day just a little bit easier and for that, I'm grateful. But I still hope the sun comes out tomorrow. 😊

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