Hypocrisy or just wishing for the best

Hypocrisy or just wishing for the best

I've been thinking a lot lately about what January Baby supports as a business, what I support as a mom, and how to present those ideas without alienating anyone. My main mandate for myself and my business is to believe everyone is doing their best, and when you know better you do better. (thanks Oprah) But sometimes I see things and while I get that those ideas and things are important, and people need them, they're not my jive. Just because I support extended breastfeeding, doesn't mean I think it's right for everyone, or that not breastfeeding is wrong. Maybe it's an 'In a perfect World" list I want to make. In a perfect world breast feeding would be natural, painless and easy for everyone, and they would have the financial security to be with their baby whenever they needed to eat. In a perfect world mothers were kind and supportive of each other regardless of their choices. In a perfect world the every child would play outdoors everyday. and in a perfect world the children of people who own an outterwear company would want to go outdoors everyday. so you see while I support a variety of different things, the thing I support most is respect for peoples choices even if those choices are not the same as my own.

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xsmall 6-12 months
small 12-18 months
medium 18-24 months
large 2-3 years
xlarge 3-4 years


xsmall 3-6 months
small 6-12 months
medium 12-18 months

large 18-24 months
xlarge 2-3 years
xxlarge 3-4 years

small 6- 12 months
medium 12-24 months
large 2-4 years