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Is February Fun an oxymoron?? Not according to Baby Hayden

Is February Fun an oxymoron?? Not according to Baby Hayden

February Fun

Kiera is truly one of the most positive people I know, but this month seems to be too much even for her. But did she sit around and wallow? No she did not. Read on for how Kiera turned February blahs into February Fun.

mittens kids can't take off

After the milder temperatures in January we have been hit with lots of snow and ice here in February and although it is quite beautiful to look at, it’s cold!! As lockdown continues this month in Ontario, I feel isolated and limited in my opportunities to do things – and my motivation is lacking. Hayden continues to fight getting into all his snow gear and sometimes I don’t want to have that fight.

I feel isolated and limited in my opportunities to do things – and my motivation is lacking

mittens kids can't take off

So basically, we have really been slacking on getting outdoors everyday this month. However, the few days we did manage to get out and play in the snow we had lots of fun! Hayden enjoyed watching daddy shovel the driveway and our dog jumping around in the snow, but he did NOT love making snow angels. I tried to look for some things to do beside just walking the neighbourhood to make getting outside more enticing for me mostly but also for Hayden. I found a few fun ideas online, so we tried them out.

Winter Bubbles

frozen bubbles

I found a container of bubbles recently and blew some out at Hayden, he thought they were hilarious, he even tried popping a few - but, It was messy inside the house! I read online that you could take the bubbles outside and they would freeze, so we gave that a try. I also added some blue and red food colouring so they looked really cool against the white snow. They did stick around longer then they would have inside so Hayden had more of an opportunity to try and pop them but he wasn’t really into it. I thought it was fun though!

Icey Suncatcher

frozen suncatcher

While we were outside I walked Hayden around the yard and showed him the garden covered in snow. He is really into grabbing on to things and crunching them in his hands, so he grabbed at the dead flowers and leaves. We took his fistful inside and put them into a cookie cutter filled with water (and a drop of red food colouring). We then froze the cookie cutter for about 2 hours. It turned into the prettiest frozen suncatcher we hung on our porch. It’s so cold outside that it stuck around for a bit before it melted in the sun.

mittens kids can't take off

I think I will need to continue to look up fun ideas to get us our much-needed outdoor time for the rest of the winter. I am hopeful that my motivation returns as the days get a little bit longer and slightly warmer.

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