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New brand ambassador....Baby Hayden.

New brand ambassador....Baby Hayden.

Introducing Baby Hayden and his mom Kiera as our newest brand ambassadors. Hayden and his mom will be sharing stories of all the ups and downs of navigating this crazy year through the eyes of a new mom and an infant.
One thing is for sure though...Hayden will be warm and stylish in his January Baby accessories, and not having to search for an elusive lost mitten will save Keira a lot of headaches. (well that was two things.)
navy fitted hat
Stay tuned for their adventure at the pumpkin patch, and why you would want to do that with your baby, coming later this week.
Thanks Kiera for sharing with us, we can't wait to see all you two get up to.
Hayden lives in small town Ontario on the banks of lake Erie with his mom, dad, and around the corner from his Oma and Opa

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