Outdoor Fall Fun

by Jeannine Spurrell November 28, 2017

Outdoor Fall Fun

I was thinking about posting a blog of easy Fall crafts this month, but then I thought about how many handprint pumpkin crafts and fall leave prints I have stored away and figured that if you wanted easy crafts, Pinterest is pretty much the place to go.

So instead, I'm going to share some of the outdoor activities we did in October.

skipping rocks

The Beach

Yes, that's right...We hit the beach in October. We headed down to what my kids call Dinosaur Park. It is really a park by Sunnyside/Gus Ryder that has dinosaur statues they can climb on and under.

dino park

These ancient dinosaurs have been there since I was little and I am sure we have the same photos taken with my brother and I climbing on them.  We also took a walk along the boardwalk and climbed on some rocks in the butterfly gardens.



One of my daycare parents shared a great place for hiking with littles called Crawford Lake in Halton Hills.Crawford lake carvings

There are multiple trails and some are even stroller accessible if you need that. There are amazing carved wooden sculptures throughout the trails and it is safe enough to let the young ones run ahead. We had a great time there collecting acorns, looking for the next sculpture and admiring the trees changing colour. They also have an Iroquois village (we did not go there as there were multiple schools visiting that day) and other events throughout the year.

Skipping Rocks

We do this a lot throughout the summer, but with the warm Fall weather, we decided to go to a creek that is close to our house and throw or skip rocks (some rocks may have also made their way home in some pockets - which I realised when my dryer started making some weird noises).

humber river


This is an annual tradition that has been going on since I was a child, so away we went again. We always go on a weekday to miss the crowds, so this year the older kids were at school, but we brought home lots of apples for them to enjoy and to use in our baking. 



Backyard cooking

You know from my last post that we love our s'mores! We also enjoy doing some cooking over the fire and are looking to expand our meals next year. But on this night we enjoyed hot dogs, wieners and beans, and s'mores (of course!).



Jeannine Spurrell
Jeannine Spurrell