Where to Find Outdoor Wading Pools in Toronto

Where to Find Outdoor Wading Pools in Toronto

One of the great things about living in Toronto, is the abundance of outdoor wading pools. Some of these pools have a splash pad, some just a shallow pool in a park where you can have a quiet picnic in the shade between plays. 

It can be really fun to meet up with your friends at your local park for the day, but it can also be a really fun way to explore different parts of the city by visiting other parks in other neighbourhoods. Splash pads and wading pools are a great place to meet other moms, and for your little one to make new friends.

I've comprised a list of all the wading pools in Toronto, as an easy guide for you to use when the need for a splashy day hits.


Location Address
Albert Crosland Park 14 FULLER AVE
Art Eggleton Park 323 HARBORD ST
Baird Park 275 KEELE ST
Beresford Park 400 BERESFORD AVE
Birch Park 75 ARCADIAN CIR
Budapest Park 1575 LAKE SHORE BLVD W
Campbell Avenue Playground 225 CAMPBELL AVE
Carlton Park 20 EDITH AVE
Centennial Park - Etobicoke 256 CENTENNIAL PARK RD
Charles G. Williams Park 75 WABASH AVE
Chelsea Avenue Playground 103 CHELSEA AVE
Christie Pits Park 750 BLOOR ST W
Close Avenue Parkette 116 CLOSE AVE
Coleman Park 19 COLEMAN AVE
Columbus Parkette 1985 DUNDAS ST W
David Crombie Park 131 THE ESPLANADE
Don Russell Memorial Park 290 BIRMINGHAM ST
Dovercourt Park 155 BARTLETT AVE
Dufferin Grove Park 875 DUFFERIN ST
Earlscourt Park 1200 LANSDOWNE AVE
East Lynn Park 1949 DANFORTH AVE
East Toronto Athletic Field 175 MAIN ST
Eglinton Park 200 EGLINTON AVE W
Fairhaven Park 100 GOLFWOOD HTS
Fairmount Park 1725 GERRARD ST E
Fred Hamilton Playground 155 ROXTON RD
Geary Avenue Parkette 15 GEARY AVE
General Mercer School - Wading Pool 30 TURNBERRY AVE
George Webster Park 30 CHAPMAN AVE
Halbert Park 24 ROCKWOOD DR
Healey Willan Park 504 EUCLID AVE
Hideaway Park 23 AUDLEY AVE
High Park 1873 BLOOR ST W
Highview Park 150 HIGHVIEW AVE
Hillcrest Park 950 DAVENPORT RD
Jimmie Simpson Park 870 QUEEN ST E
Jonathan Ashbridge Park 1515 QUEEN ST E
Kempton Howard Park 150 BLAKE ST
Kew Gardens 2075 QUEEN ST E
Knob Hill Park 625 BRIMLEY RD
Leslie Grove Park 1158 QUEEN ST E
Lionel Conacher Park 80 COTTINGHAM ST
Lithuania Park 155 OAKMOUNT RD
Little Norway Park 659 QUEENS QUAY W
Livingstone Park 21 WOODVILLE AVE
Loretto College - Wading Pool 151 ROSEMOUNT AVE
Macgregor Playground 346 LANSDOWNE AVE
Margaret Fairley Park 100 BRUNSWICK AVE
Marian Engel Park 285 MELITA AVE
Marie Curtis Park 2 FORTY SECOND ST
Masaryk Park 212 COWAN AVE
Matty Eckler Playground 953 GERRARD ST E
McCormick Park 66 SHERIDAN AVE
Mimico Memorial Park 75 HILLSIDE AVE
Monarch Park 115 FELSTEAD AVE
Moorevale Park 175 MOORE AVE
Morse Street Playground 76 MORSE ST
Northumberland Playground 770 OSSINGTON AVE
Norwood Park 16 NORWOOD RD
Oakcrest Parkette 30 OAKCREST AVE
Oriole Park - Toronto 201 ORIOLE PKWY
Osler Playground 123 ARGYLE ST
Pelham Avenue Playground 20 PELHAM AVE
Phin Avenue Parkette 115 CONDOR AVE
Prairie Drive Park 101 Pharmacy Ave DR
Primrose Avenue Parkette 120 PRIMROSE AVE
Prince of Wales Park 1 THIRD ST
Ramsden Park 1020 YONGE ST
Randy Padmore Park 47 DENISON AVE
Ravina Gardens 290 CLENDENAN AVE
Rennie Park 1 RENNIE TER
Rexlington Park 30 BERGAMOT AVE
Riverdale Park West 375 SUMACH ST
Rosedale Park 20 SCHOLFIELD AVE
Runnymede Park 221 RYDING AVE
Sackville Playground 420 KING ST E
Sherwood Park 190 SHERWOOD AVE
Sir Casimir Gzowski Park 2001 LAKE SHORE BLVD W
Spencer - Cowan Parkette 80 SPENCER AVE
Stanley Park North - Toronto 890 KING ST W
Stephenson Park 61 STEPHENSON AVE
Sumach - Shuter Parkette 485 SHUTER ST
Summerlea Park 2 ARCOT BLVD
Sunnydale Acres Park 50 AMORO DR
Sunnylea Park 195 PRINCE EDWARD DR S
Topham Park 181 WESTVIEW BLVD
Toronto Island Park - Centre Island 9 QUEENS QUAY W
Trace Manes Park 110 RUMSEY RD
Trinity Bellwoods Park 790 QUEEN ST W
Vermont Square Park 819 PALMERSTON AVE
Vine Avenue Playground 200 VINE AVE
Wadsworth Park 120 CONNOLLY ST
Wanless Park 250 WANLESS AVE
Wells Hill Park 145 HILTON AVE
West Lodge Park 165 LANSDOWNE AVE
Winchester Park 530 ONTARIO ST
Withrow Park and Clubhouse 725 LOGAN AVE
Woburn Avenue Playground 75 WOBURN AVE



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