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Why take a 6-month-old to a Pumpkin Patch?

Why take a 6-month-old to a Pumpkin Patch?

When I heard our new brand ambassador Hayden took a trip to the pumpkin patch I thought what a great idea for a blog post. Today his mom Kiera shares why she thinks taking a baby to the pumpkin patch is a great idea. Thanks Kiera and Hayden for sharing your adventure with us.

pumpkin patch with infant and fleece hat

Trip to the pumpkin Patch

Last week Hayden and I visited a little farm that sold pumpkins and my mom asked me ‘why would you take a baby to a pumpkin patch?’

This got me thinking...

Will he remember the experience? Probably not. But I will. And isn’t that the point? Just because Hayden won’t remember the details doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy looking back at pictures or telling him about how he tried to eat a pumpkin that was bigger than his head. No, he can’t pick out a pumpkin that he wants to bring home himself, but who cares?

I wanted to pick up a couple of pumpkins for my front porch anyway and going to the pumpkin patch was way more fun than just grabbing some at the grocery store.

Plus, its a great way to get us both out of the house for a couple of hours.

It was relatively easy to maintain social distancing, and I could spend as much (or as little) time there as I wanted depending on how Hayden was doing.

pumpkin patch with infant fleece hat

Sensory Experience

The pumpkin patch offered brand new colours and textures for Hayden to play with. He absolutely loved grabbing at the straw bales while he was sitting on them and trying to eat the mini pumpkins. Crunching fallen leaves in our hands was fun too.

baby in stroller fleece hat

Getting Outside

There's nothing better then going outside in the fall. The colours are beautiful, and the air is crisp. I always feel so much better once I’ve been outside even if just for a little bit. However, fall weather can be unpredictable! Preplanning and layers are so important. Our pumpkin patch adventure turned cool and rainy unexpectedly, so we had to quickly bundle up with a sweater and our fitted hat from January Baby! Luckily, I remembered to pack them with us that day.


I am that mom! First-baby syndrome maybe? But I absolutely love taking pictures of my baby, and any opportunity for a mini photoshoot is a bonus for me! The pumpkin patch I visited had a few displays set up where you could take a couple of formal pictures. But I also just threw a blanket down in the actual pumpkin patch and took some photos there. Either way works for getting adorable shots of your baby.

So there you have it. The reasons why you should take your baby to a visit a pumpkin patch no matter the age!

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