Day Four: How to dress for cold weather

Day Four: How to dress for cold weather

Good morning Challengers. How are you doing? So far I'm not finding it very challenging to go outdoors everyday, the weather has been so beautiful.
But, that could change at any minute and I thought I should share my cold weather dressing system so when that cold weather hits, you can be prepared.
My system is an easy one-it's layer, layer, layer. I'm sure you hear that all the time but what does it mean. For me this is my I'm going out in the cold for a couple of hours dressing regime. (This kept me warm standing in the schoolyard for an hour after school everyday for over 10 years.)
  • Tights or leggings-fleece ones if it's under -20
  • Track pants
  • Nylon shells
  • Long-sleeved sport shirt-under armour type thing
  • Fleece shirt
  • Sweater-usually a hoodie or sweatshirt
  • Winter jacket
  • Neckwarmer
  • Toque
  • Good boots and warm mittens

I tweak this system by degrees depending on the activity and the temperature. A couple important notes before you go:
Don't (or at least try not to) sweat
And avoid cotton (I read somewhere it's like wearing a wet beach towel if you do sweat.

Photo prompt for today: Show me you mittens

As a special treat, a blast from last year, one of my favourite guessed it:

llamas of high park 

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