Poncho-red 6-12 months

Soft and warm with an adorable elf hood. Easy-on design for those times when you are running out the door. Ponchos are perfect for going from house to car. Buckle your little one safely into their car seat, and then tuck the poncho around them to keep warm.

“This poncho has saved me numerous headaches and my daughter has had many compliments about it. Functional and fashionable, the poncho is the perfect toddler jacket!” Jennifer mom of a two year old (need I say more)


  • Perfect for carseats-no need for bulky sweaters or jackets
  • Easy on design-pop it on over their head and off you go
  • No sleeve to wrestle with-no zippers or buttons
  • Elf hood is modeled by the elf cloaks from Lord Of The Rings
  • Made in Canada using soft warm Canadian milled polar fleece.
  • Easy care-cleans right up in the washing machine

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