Size Large (18-24 months) waterproof Smittens sold out for the season

18-24 months

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The wrap around design make Smittens the only mittens kids can't take off, and you'll never lose one. Soft, warm fleece inside, durable water-repellent outside. Wide opening makes it easy to fit over thick winter sweaters. Soft elastic keeps mitten in place. Durable coated Dintex shell makes these mittens tough enough for the busiest little winter adventurer.

“I never hear ‘my hands are cold’ anymore. Now my problem is getting them to come inside,”  Cathy mom of two.


  • No more lost mittens
  • No more having to come in because of cold hands
  • Daycares love them
  • Warm, fit-well and don’t come off
  • Made in Canada, using Canadian-made polar fleece
  • Durable water and wind resistant DWR Dintex Shell
  • Reaches up to the elbow for added warmth.
  • Machine washable


xsmall 6-12 months
small 12-18 months
medium 18-24 months
large 2-3 years
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small 6-12 months
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large 18-24 months
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small 6- 12 months
medium 12-24 months
large 2-4 years