Size Large (18-24 months) waterproof Smittens sold out for the season

Fleece Set-Small 6-12 months

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An easy way to take care of your winter shopping. Get your Little person all ready for winter with a pair of fleece Smittens, a snug fitted hat, and a cozy neckwarmer. Mix and match the colours so they can be stylish AND warm.

What are other moms saying about Smittens?

Mom Tria was just so glad not to have to worry about losing a mitten:
So happy not to have to worry about losing a mitten on our walk today, thank you for inventing such a great product.


xsmall 6-12 months
small 12-18 months
medium 18-24 months
large 2-3 years
xlarge 3-4 years


xsmall 3-6 months
small 6-12 months
medium 12-18 months

large 18-24 months
xlarge 2-3 years
xxlarge 3-4 years

small 6- 12 months
medium 12-24 months
large 2-4 years