Swimsuit solid-Purple

Full-body UPF 50 Swimsuits offer full protection from the sun. These solid coloured suits have a looser fit for bigger babies. Feel reassured with this chemical free way of having fun at the beach. Read our UPF 50 fact sheet here.

“Full-body UV swimsuit-best invention ever” Stephanie mom of 1 year old twins and their 3 year old brother.


  • Suit provides UPF 50-the highest protection available
  • Loose fit for bigger babies
  • No more trying to put sunscreen on wiggly kids, again and again and again
  • Wicking fabric keeps baby cool even on hot days
  • Easy care-rinse after use, machine wash
  • Feel reassured that they won’t burn because you missed a spot, or the sunscreen got rinsed off while they played in the water
  • Are perfect for swimming lessons to keep baby warm
  • Made in Canada

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