Frequently asked questions:

  1. What if my product doesn’t fit?

No problem, just check out our great exchange and return policy, we’ll have you fixed up in no time, or when it arrives and it doesn't fit, phone us and we'll take care of it.

  1. When will I receive my order?

Orders are packed within 2 business days of receiving your order. Shipping times vary on how far you are from Toronto. Ie: within Ontario 3-5 days, across Canada 5-7 days, US 10-14 days. Around Christmas time, packages take a little longer due to volume. Click here for our shipping rates.

      3. What currency are your prices in?

All prices listed are in Canadian currency by default, however you can change currency to USD in the top right hand corner of the header. Prices are calculated at the current exchange rate, updated daily. Please note that in the final step of the checkout, currency will be shown in Canadian dollars.

     4. My child is really active, even though he is young he loves to play on playground equipment with his brother. Are Smittens safe?

Oh yeah! I know all about active kids, my youngest was climbing all over the playground equipment before he could walk. He could go up the ladders, over the bridges, down the slides. They’re as safe with Smittens on as with any other product. Just keep an eye on them, as you normally would.

     5.  My little girl loves to eat goldfish crackers while we go for a walk. How can she eat with Smittens on?

The great thing about Smittens is parents can get them off but kids can’t. Just pull the tip of the Smitten until she can get her hand out. When she’s done, slip her hand back in and tuck the Smitten into her sleeve. Voila

    6.  Is there somewhere I can buy Smittens locally?

Check out our handy list of retailers, don’t see one close by? Feel free to give our website to your local children's boutique and they can contact us.

     7. What makes January Baby products unique?

First we start with unique and original designs, then we source the best materials, and then we find local manufacturers who care deeply about the quality of the products they make. Wrapping it up with the best in customer service and satisfaction.

  • Made in Canada
  •  Smittens are the only mittens guaranteed children can’t take off
  • Designed by a mom of four kids who knows Canadian winters and knows moms have to go outside. So let’s get outside, have fun, and be warm.


    xsmall 3-6 months
    small 6-12 months
    medium 12-18 months

    large 18-24 months
    xlarge 2-3 years
    xxlarge 3-4 years

    small 6- 12 months
    medium 12-24 months
    large 2-4 years


    xsmall 6-12 months
    small 12-18 months
    medium 18-24 months
    large 2-3 years
    xlarge 3-4 years