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Started the New Year with this email from mom Brittany, who is the mom of a Master Mitten-Taker-Offer:

Hi there! I recently received my order of  Smittens in the mail. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality and after testing them out with my two year old today I am very impressed! I just wanted to let you know you have a wonderful product that I will recommend to many folks. Have a great day :)  

We went sledding, it was her first time and with the frigid weather and mitten ripping we have been struggling to make the snow fun. Not anymore though :) I hope you have a lovely winter.



Stephanie, mom of 1 year old twin girls.

 ".....took the girls to the beach on Sunday and again realize how awesome the suits are! I'm not lathering the kids in sun screen! Their legs and arms are protected digging in the sand, so sand isn't everywhere! Not to mention how cute they look!"

 And another note from Stephanie, in late September:

 Ponchos saved this mama this morning as we were frantically late for school! A bit chilly, I threw the ponchos on as we raced out the door! Another step shortened!
They were also perfect for an afternoon at the playground and an evening car ride around the driveway!
Happy thanksgiving to you and your family!


I got this comment from a long time customer in Manitoba. She used to buy Smittens for her kids, now they're big, she got a pair for her nephew.
Wow Anna! They look amazing. You have really perfected them over the years! They look perfect and the black on black looks sleek! I wish I had my own little one to wear them. Thank you so much. I'm just blown away.
This mom shared how our swimsuits were perfect for her little fellow's sensitive skin so she didn't need to use sunscreen.
My son has very severe eczema, and it is so important to have good fabrics against his skin. The swimsuits are especially fantastic because they cover a large enough portion of his body, minimizing the amount of sunscreen I had to use - thereby limiting eczema flare-ups. The swimsuits hold up to a lot of use, and they look fabulous! Well worth the price. 
Best of luck in your business. I continue to recommend your products all the time!
Ludmilla, mom of 3 year old boy.