January Baby products are great for fundraisers. Our child-centered product line makes us ideal for fundraisers for preschools, daycares and parent-child centres. Our payback structure is generous, and all ordering can be done through our website.


You pick a timeline for your fundraiser. We will send you a website code, which includes free delivery. Any orders placed using the code will be processed within a week of the fundraiser ending. When all orders are processed we send a check to your organization. All orders are packaged separately, but sent to one address, ie your preschool, or fundraising organizers home.


If you sell $0-$500  you will receive back 20% ie. if you sell $500 which is around 12 pairs of waterproof toddler Smittens, you would earn $100 for your daycare!

If you sell $500-$1000 receive back 30% 

$1000-$2000 receive back 40%, ie. if you sell $1500 worth of products, you would receive back $600 and however much you sell over $2000 you will receive 50% back, and that math is easy enough. If you sell over $2000 you earn half of what you sell.