Day 12: An inspiring story

Day 12: An inspiring story

Good morning Challengers. Welcome to day 12. Today I want to tell you about a good friend, but to keep their identity private, I will call this friend Celeste. Celeste lives midtown Toronto, around Dufferin and Bloor, and most days rides her bike to her job downtown to work. Well, one day last week, Celeste had to take the Go Train to a meeting and was unable to ride her bike to work, because she would be getting a ride home from the meeting from a colleague.
But, here's the inspiring part...because Celest missed her morning outdoors time biking to work, she intentionally arranged her schedule to fit in a 24 minute walk (she knew because this has happened before) to Union Station, to catch the train. 
I found that story inspiring how Celeste was able to work the outdoors into her day with intention and a little planning.
How can you add some outdoors into your day on days where it doesn't naturally fit into your routine?
That is the real challenge.
Until tomorrow Challengers-have and outdoorsy day

Today's photo prompt-some outdoors seating

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Until next year Challengers...have an outdoorsy day.

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