Repost:Day 23, 2023 Something amazing happened.

Repost:Day 23, 2023 Something amazing happened.

Yesterday may have been the greatest day of my life! Okay, I'm probably exaggerating but something truly amazing did happen. 

On Wednesdays I walk with Cathy, and yesterday we decided to walk through High Park. It was a beautiful snowy morning, the temperature was perfect, the scenery beautiful. We had a lovely walk, while I snapped lots of pictures to use for the blog. 

When we got back to the car, and were brushing off the newly fallen snow; I looked up, and this is what I saw!

llamas in high park

They were walking the Llamas!

My whole life I never saw anything like that. It was Awesome! 

Of course I had to run over and snap lots of pictures, interview the zookeeper and ask the volunteers tons of questions. The llamas were oblivious, while they munched on some evergreen needles...who knew!

So if this isn't proof, or inspiration, or incentive for you to get outdoors everyday, I don't know what more I can do. Because-there are amazing things to be found outdoors. Send us over a picture of one, and that's today's challenge ( I understand the likelihood of your amazing thing being as amazing as llama walking zookeepers in High Park is slim, but I'm sure you can find something great too)



Until tomorrow

Have and outdoorsy day.

llamas in highpark

llamas in high park

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