Day 18: Small town people are so nice

Day 18: Small town people are so nice

Good morning Challengers...welcome to day 18! wow!
Some very cool things happened yesterday that I am very excited to tell you about. 
Hmmmm where to start?
Okay, sister sent me this picture she took while out on a hike with her husband. She says it's natural, he says someone made it. What do you think?
tree squirrel

The second thing that happened (okay these are not in chronological order), was while I was working at the Starbucks in #smalltownontario a family of mom, dad, and four young adult children came in and sat and played euchre for at least an hour. I was so thrilled to see a family enjoying family day with their 'big kids' I asked if I could take a picture for the blog, and they said nice.
family day card game

The next great thing that happened was I went to go to the outdoor rink for a little skate after lunch because it was so beautiful, but of course everyone else in town had that same idea, so I went back to mom's and had a nap, and then went back to the park for the skate before supper at around 6:00, and the rink was nearly empty. Here's the 'small town people are so nice' part. Beside the rink is this really cool lamp-post/clock thing that I wanted to take a picture of and when I snapped the picture I caught a couple skating by. I approached the couple and explained I had accidentally snapped them in my photo and it was for my blog, and they said that was fine, then I said it was about being outdoors, and they were so excited and said, "Well that's what it's all about isn't it." nice.
dundas outdoor rink

So all and all for not being with my kiddos on family day, I did have lunch with my mom and my oldest sister, which mom said she was having lunch with her 'bookend' kids (oldest and youngest) (there's seven of us) family day turned out pretty darn good.

Photo prompt for today...straight from Norfolk county-thanks Mandy-something ambiguous.

Until tomorrow, have an outdoorsy day.


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