Day 19: Mom friends the best kind

Day 19: Mom friends the best kind

Good morning Challengers. Welcome to day 19...imagine? I think this may be the fastest February ever. 
Every morning I've been getting up and going to work out of the local #smalltownOntario Starbucks because 1) the internet is faster, and 2) I'm fussier than my mom about my morning coffee. (Please don't tell her I said that) 
This morning as I was working away at the big table by the window a group of women came and sat down, and I offered to move so they had more room, and they said they would probably be loud and they apologized in advance. I asked them why they were all meeting or if they were meeting a friend and they said, oh yes, one of the group was here visiting from England and that brought them all out to the coffee shop together. 

Well, after another hour and a half, of listening to them and watching them while I was working (and to be honest I was texting Cathy about them as I worked) I finally got up the nerve to ask if I could interview them for the blog. Of course they were so nice and said yes of course (refer to yesterday's post about how nice small town folk are) 
I asked them how they met, and they said their kids were in preschool together, and when I asked how old those kids were now, they said 20. They have been friends for over 15 years! They said they see each other around the neighbourhood but they all try to meet up a couple times a year for a big get together. 

I asked what outdoorsy things they did, and one asked if shovelling two driveways counted? I joked it sure did, that in Toronto not too many of us have driveways, so we didn't really get that. Another (the visitor from England) said she walked to the coffee shop, and I know where she said she walked from and it was pretty far, but it was a beautiful snowy but not cold morning so she didn't mind. (I did notice she had nice rosy cheeks).

I love this picture because somehow their friendship shines through. 
So to old friends and new
have and outdoorsy day


PS Today's photo prompt-something you've had for 15 years (or more)

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