Day 20: A different kind of Throwback Thursday

Day 20: A different kind of Throwback Thursday

Good morning Challengers-day 20...we're two-thirds of the way through, onto the last leg now.
This week while I've been at my mom's I had a chance to pop into the local green grocer's, Picone's Food Market. ( you can read about it here) and again Lisa the owner remembered my name (even though she only sees me 2 or 3 times a year!) And I was going to use that post for today's Throwback Thursday, but, while I was searching for that post through the saved posts, I got lost down the rabit hole of 4 and a half years of posts. 
So instead of reposting one post this week, I'm reposting some gems from over the last few years. Enjoy

twins on a snow bank

This whole project has brought unexpected rewards. Meeting interesting people, observing random acts of kindness that were thought to be unseen, but I saw. Being outdoors just seems to make everything better. But the best, is to be outdoors with a friend.

all the kids

Even I will admit that the cold is a little much. But, let's not get bogged down in that mind set (note to self). This is the trick that February plays on us every year. "It's too cold to go out" It whispers in our ears. Next thing you know it's 6:00 pm, you haven't been out all day, your kids are killing each other, and the only reason you don't break it up is because you don't want them turning on you. To all this I say NO!
I will go outside.
I will brave the cold.
And I will make the children come with me, because I know what's best for them, (and to quote my friend Nora, "Nobody wants to suffer alone")

llamas in high park

So if this isn't proof, or inspiration, or incentive for you to get outdoors everyday, I don't know what more I can do. Because-there are amazing things to be found outdoors. Send us over a picture of one, and that's today's challenge (I understand the likelihood of your amazing thing being as amazing as llama walking zookeepers in High Park is slim but I'm sure you can find something great too)

 Until tomorrow have an outdoorsy day

Today's photo prompt-something from a previous winter.

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