Day 23: sometimes things don't turn out how you think

Day 23: sometimes things don't turn out how you think

Good morning Challengers. I had a plan today to have a nice blog post about taking my mom up to my sister's in Norfolk county. Getting some good shots of some naturey stuff going on there, maybe taking a walk with my sis, or some friends I have there. Sadly, that is not how things turned out.

I was going to Simcoe, Ontario to drop my mom at my sister's but also to go to my niece Kiera's baby shower. Five minutes after we got there, my sister fainted and felt very sick, so I took her to my other sister's house (in Simcoe) and after she lay down and had a little sleep, she felt better, and I took her home.

All this is to say, I didn't really have much outdoors time yesterday, didn't get to go for a walk with one of my sister's or one of my friends, but I was glad to be there for my sister when she needed me, was glad to (briefly) see my niece (Barb, the panda moccasins were a hit @snugasabug) but outdoors on a gorgeous warm February day...not so much.

Your photo prompt today-a detour.

Until tomorrow, have an outdoorsy day.


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Until next year Challengers...have an outdoorsy day.

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