Day 28: When life is a cartoon

Day 28: When life is a cartoon

Good morning Challengers. Day 28 and it`s finally looking like winter. You would think this would be a picture from the beginning of February, not the end. 
I woke up yesterday and saw all the snow, and immediately texted another homeschooling friend to see if they wanted to go tobogganing, and I thought, oh, I can have a skate, or play some shinny while the boys' toboggan. Then Bobby went to work with his dad, so there went that plan. As a favour to those who had to go out to work I said I would brush off the car, then I shovelled our walk, and the best part about it was, I didn`t have to get out of my pajamas. Reminding me of this cartoon my friend made for me. 

I love winter cartoon

The other great thing was I got my outdoorsy time done before 9:00 am. 
Until tomorrow, have an outdoorsy day.

PS If you want to see more amazing Everydaypeople cartoons, you can find them here at:

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