Day Seven: Throw Back Friday (is that a thing?)

Day Seven: Throw Back Friday (is that a thing?)

Good morning Challengers. 

As I was gearing up for this years challenge, I reviewed some old posts from previous years, and actually a couple times got lost down those rabbit trails. So I decided once a week I would do a repost of an old memory. Today's post is from 2018 and it's called: "A Boy Without A Stick..." Maybe you remember it if you've been around for a while, and if you're new, well, it's a cute read.
    Happy March 1st. Yay-we made it through February, and only have 2 days left of our 30 day challenge!

A long time ago, (when I only had 1 little boy) I was out walking with my friend, who had 3 boys, and all the boys picked up sticks as they walked along. I tried to convince little Thom to not carry a stick and my friend told me, "a boy without a stick, just ain't a boy." 

These last couple weeks as Bobby and I have spent lots of time hiking around Dundas, exploring different places, it has become apparent that my friends words still hold true. 

And now I am passing her wisdom on to you. When your kids pick up sticks, or tree branches, or twigs, or logs, or wrestled the dog for their stick; let them. They eventually put them down...or if they're like my kids, collect them on the front porch until you get tired of them and throw them in the yard bags.

feeding the geese at the desjardins canal dundas

Yesterday, Bobby and I walked down to feed the geese. We took apples, but apparently the geese in Dundas are too well fed, as they had little interest in our apples, but then the seagulls came and ... well you know what happened.

Until tomorrow Challengers

Have an outdoorsy day

For today's photo challenge-geese, ducks, seagulls; any bird will do.

geese in the Desjardins canal dundas

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Until next year Challengers...have an outdoorsy day.

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