Day 10! One third of the way through

Day 10! One third of the way through

Good morning Challengers. I have two things to say again today. 

First: yesterday I was reading through the challenge posts, and I thought they haven't been very I'm going to work on changing that.

Second: In case you don't know I work Friday and Saturday nights at Buddha Pie Pizza shop. Last night a couple came in. She was visiting from Ireland, and he lived on Runnymeade. After I gave them their pizzas I asked about how they knew each other...I said it sounded a bit like a joke 'an Irish girl and a Torontonian walk into a pizza shop...' She said she had been here for two weeks and I said, "Oh you were here for the storm(s)." She said she was watching the news at home before she came and it was saying that Canada was being hit by a polar vortex. She said she thought that was a made up word like from Star Wars or something that the news was joking. Then she got here and no, we were, it was real.

Well there's one other thing about this story, that ties into my pledge to be more inspiring. Both of these people were blind. John at the pizza shop couldn't believe the braved the ice and snow to come and get a pizza. The couple laughed telling us this was nothing, they had both ended up in snow banks over the last couple week.

So Challengers, if a blind woman from Ireland who's never heard of a polar vortex can come out on a cold, icy night...So can we.

Until tomorrow, have an outdoorsy day.

Photo prompt for today (Yikes I got nothin') Free choice something inspiring outdoors.

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