Day 10: Try a Walking Meeting

Day 10: Try a Walking Meeting

I am pleased to report I am still feeling well. Well enough in fact that yesterday morning I went for a really nice long walk.

Friday mornings Bobby goes to a homeschool science class, and during that time one of the other mom's and I are taking an on line class together. Usually we go to my house to discuss that week's lesson, and do some work. Well with the weather so nice yesterday, we decided to take our class outdoors, while we walked. We ended up walking for over an hour.

I've heard of people doing walking meeting, usually in the summer, but I thought, hey! why not. Bundle up and take your meeting outside. The added bonus is you can always begin your meeting walking to a coffee shop. (That's what we did) 

One other funny aside from yesterday, as we left the house to walk to science class, I said, "oh my gosh, what a beautiful day" (it was -5 and nice). When I hear Bobby say, "said nobody ever" Man, that kid cracks me up...

Today's photo challenge: Yikes I can't think of one, but I think it has been really beautiful and snowy this week, and it will be easy enough to share some gorgeous snow pics. 

Until tomorrow

Have and outdoorsy day

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