Day 11: Take the time to walk slowly

Day 11: Take the time to walk slowly

Good morning Challengers. How was your weekend? I had the best Sunday. I woke up early, spent the morning reading in my pj's so glorious. In the afternoon I had an errand to do which involved me walking up to the bank at the Walmart plaza, then meeting someone at Jane and Annette, then to Computations at Ardagh, then home. A very reasonable amount of walking/outdoor time. Bobby came with me and so my usual brisk (not by my sister's standards but normal people brisk) pace was slowed considerably because he had to walk most of the way in the big snowbanks along the side of the road. Luckily I had left us enough time that it was okay to do that. So today's lesson is to give yourself enough time that you can be slow and appreciate where you are-even if it's Jane street in a snowbank.

Until tomorrow-have an outdoorsy day.

Today's photo prompt-find a snowbank-if you can get a good picture of one-not a half grey half frozen not nice one-double points


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