Day 11: Where I take my own advice

Day 11:  Where I take my own advice

Because I seem to have a disability when it comes to time (Rob is laughing really hard right now) I found myself at yoga class 40 minutes early, not 10 minutes early like I had planned. And, because I was only going to yoga and straight home, I didn't bring my wallet or my ipod. 

So what do you do, 10 minutes walk from home, no money for a coffee at the coffee shop, no ipod to listen to music, podcasts or read ebooks. 

You decide to go for a half hour walk like you've been encouraging people to do all month. And you know what. It was so worth it. I took lots of pictures of snowy streets, I stopped at a friends (Lisa, did your man tell you I stopped by?) and generally enjoyed the super beautiful snowy day we had here yesterday in Toronto.

I actually thought about going home to get my ipod, and not walking. Then I thought of all the Challengers, and how hypocritical it would be to do that. So I thought back to day 6 where I suggest waiting time be outdoors time, and I set out....see, power of does work.

As for yesterday's photo challenge to take a beautiful snowy picture, you shouldn't have had to hard a time with that! Here are a couple I got ( on my walking instead of waiting adventure)

snowy trees

Today's photo challenge: A snowman. Like this one. Although this one is sort of an extreme snowman, with their Tim Horton's cup and button eyes, but we do it right in my 'hood'.

extreme snowman

Until tomrorrow

Have an outdoorsy day 

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