Day 12: How to build outdoors time into you life.

Day 12: How to build outdoors time into you life.

Day 12-How did that happen? How did we get this far? February is flying by, I haven't even found it all that challenging to get out every day. You?

I was a bit worried in the days leading up to the challenge, how I would find outdoorsy things to do, but I have to say, being accountable to this challenge, has kept me on track. My week is pretty outdoorsy, but there are a couple days where I don't have outdoorsy things to do, and I thought it would be hard to fill those holes, but it really wasn't. 

Sunday night is my hockey night, and certainly one of my favourite outdoorsy things to do. Mondays we've been meeting up with another homeschooling family to do something fun. Tuesdays, we usually go to homeschool co-op in the east end. Wednesdays I go for a early morning walk with my Super friend; and Thursdays I have boxing, and meet a friend in the Junction. So you can see I have the outdoors built into my life quite easily, except Fridays, and some Saturdays when I only have to drive the boys to hockey practice, and walking to the car does not count as outdoors time (although sometimes it does).

One little problem with my outdoorsy schedule is that it is quite dependent on other people, so when Bobby doesn't want to go to homeschool co-op; super friend has the super flu and can't go for a walk; I struggle to push myself into going out by myself or coming up with another activity. 

So there you have it. My outdoorsy lifestyle struggles. Not too serious now that I really think about it- I mean "go to the store!" look at that-you went outdoors!

Last night on the way to hockey I got a couple really cool shots of the trees in the dark, and that is today's photo challenge: take a picture after dark.

High Park after dark

Until tomorrow

Have an outdoorsy day


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