Day 13: Today's post is dedicated to...

Day 13: Today's post is dedicated to...

The Neckwarmer.

At our house one of the most essential pieces of winter gear is the neckwarmer. There is something about neckwarmers that just warm you body through and through. My kids fight over who has whose neckwarmer "that ones' mine, no it's not, yours is over there, no I had the black one" blah blah's not like I don't have a hundred more in the basement!

neckwarmer on the beach

But really, I have been known to be possessive over my neckwarmer, so I can sort of understand them. 

The cool thing is everyone has their favourite style. Bobby likes the classic double thick neckwarmer, while Thom prefers the new long style. I wear a long one, but I fold it over, not quite in half, so it's sort of a cross over neckwarmer.

two neckwarmers

What's your favourite piece of outdoor gear? Anything you won't leave home without? Share with us. 

Photo prompt: another easy one icicles 

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I'll leave you with this story of community and hope

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