Day 15: Half way through

Day 15: Half way through

Good morning Challengers. Today is the 15th and we are half way through the month. And what a month it has been. Three major storms with a thaw thrown in the middle of it! I think that may be a record. Certainly a record since I started doing this challenge. It has been warmer than other years though. I remember the first year of the challenge, being at my Mom's and going for a hike and thinking 'this is actually unsafe to be up here on the mountain at the conservation area with no one around for miles, and a storm rolling in.' Bobby thoroughly agreed and we headed back to my Mom's for hot chocolate. Different this year too is I haven't had my weekly walks with Cathy which is partly because I was away, and partly because of life, but hopefully we can get that back on track next week.

How about you? Half way through the challenge how have you fared? Have you been able to get out everyday? Have you managed to enjoy February this year? Has there been any days where you may not have gone out but then felt accountable because of the challenge? Two days for sure for me I would not have gone out if it wasn't for the challenge.

The biggest thing for me is actually just getting out the door. Once I'm out, I am tempted to stay out, but it's the effort and the stopping what I'm doing that I struggle with. But it has certainly be worth it. And I haven't once called my sister losing my mind, so I think my sister loves the challenge the best.

Until tomorrow have an outdoorsy day.

Today's photo challenge (and I haven't even thought this through) take a pic of half of something-as we are half way through the challenge. 

Good luck


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