Day 16: Let the puddle jumping begin

Day 16: Let the puddle jumping begin

If you are in Toronto, and you went outdoors today, you probably saw at least one very happy toddler. And that toddler was probably very happy because they were splashing along in some of the huge puddles that were everywhere today. 
Even Bobby at 12 relished our walk to the chocolate shop, swishing through puddles, and schlepping through very soft snowbanks.

One not so quite fun part of all this puddling is when a car drives by and ... you know... yeah, no fun at all. Luckily that didn't happen to me, but only because Robyn alerted me to the impending soaking I was about to get, as a car drove through a puddle. Thanks Robyn.

Even though it was so warm today, I still didn't go out until 4:30 when Bobby and I were going to go play a couple board games at Coco's Chocolates. Sadly it was closed, but we did end up checking out a new organic bakery just a bit further south, and Bobby gives their chocolate croissants a thumbs up.

Not too inspiring other than it's warm, it's sunny, let's get outdoors.

Until tomorrow

Have an outdoorsy day.

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