Day 17: As Far As The Eye Can See

Day 17: As Far As The Eye Can See

What a treat to get another guest post from OG January Baby.
Good day challengers!

I was recently offered a trade of bear spray for a blog post from my Mom, so  here we are again. I hope everyone is going outside!
Here in the mountains, it's feeling very Springy, and with that comes motivation to go outdoors. I have always thought I was a winter person, but I noticed that whenever I have gone out since the first fall of snow, I am not dressing accordingly. I know the whole company of January Baby was started in response to my refusal to wear mittens as an infant, but unfortunately my Mother is no longer here to force me into her glove/straight-jacket hybrid. Point being, I am running around town with cold hands and cold ears. And that point being, I guess I'm not the winter person I thought I was.
Perhaps some part of me feels as though I can manifest an early spring through my light wardrobe, and it kind of worked!
january baby
It is currently the off-season in this little mountain town, there are skiiers here, but not many people coming to visit apart from them. Businesses are slow here this time of year, and that has caused my work schedule to be cut almost in half. This is something that would be cause for concern, how will I pay for things? Now I can't buy mittens! Not that I was going to, but now I really can't!
Instead, I have looked on the positive side, I have more days off to explore, and after my morning coffee, the boots come on and I just start walking in one direction. Yesterday was especially good. It is still very icy on the trails, but there are certain paved paths and quiet roads that can suffice.  I think the probability of running into bears isn't as high, where there is traffic, so that's a bonus. I ended up walking on the shoulder of a road, up one of the mountains, and ended up seeing a little deer family (there were two little babies) and picked up some pretty rocks. I was not exactly clear on what road I was on, or where it led to, but these days those things don't cause me immense stress, it's fun! I've noticed whenever I find myself on these quiet roads, park rangers will always slow their trucks and wave to me. It feels so small town, so local.
I ended up at a campground (closed for the season) but I was able to walk through it, and I stopped when I got to this view.
-mom, please insert the photo I sent!-
I ended up facetiming my dad to show him, ( in response he showed me his view, which was the interior of a house under renovation...nice) 
I sat for quite a while on a picnic bench. Once again I didn't bring any snacks or water, and this time I didn't even bring my book, so I just sat quietly and looked over the mountain range, at the blue sky. It's exciting to be able to see very far.
Also that's my prompt, take a photo of something as far away as you can, but back to what I was saying.
Growing up in the city, I felt as though I couldn't see far enough. As a kid on car rides, I would look out the window and try to catch a glimpse of the furthest thing in the landscape. If I saw a view of land meeting sky??? forget it!! That was my favourite. I think also, with the art I do, how I am often trying to look as close to my projects as I can, the idea of seeing something so far away feels like a relief to my eyes. I feel lucky that I'm able to see these views, and I'm happy it's springtime! (yes it is officially spring, don't argue!)

Take a photo of something as far away as you can. The end of your street? The horizon on the lake? 
Go outside and enjoy.
PS not a plug, but if you're curious you can see more of Robyn's art on instagram @stolenpainting

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