Day 17: Well today was much better

Day 17: Well today was much better

Good morning Challengers. It was so nice to get back to good weather again yesterday. Bright and sunny and crisp and cold. I have a conundrum. I work at Buddha Pie on Friday and Saturday nights, and walking to work would be such a good way to do the challenge. And 4:30 when I leave for work the weather is often nice, and it's so tempting, but when I head home at 9:00 it's dark and cold, (and I'm usually carrying a pizza) So, I mostly drive.

Oh well. There are lots of other ways to be outdoors.

Today's photo challenge: hmmmmm (rubbing hands together evilly) something good. I'll elaborate. See my picture, this is me sitting at work eating a slice of pizza, reading a book off the shelf that John recommended while I wait for the phone to ring. That's what I mean about something good, or something lucky or something great, or all three. I'm lucky to have such a great job, here is my photo evidence. 

Until tomorrow, have an outdoorsy day.


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