Day 18: Happy Family Day

Day 18: Happy Family Day

Good morning Challengers. Happy Family Day. I have mixed feelings about Family Day because while it's nice to have a day that celebrates families, I feel everyday should be/ is family day. But if having a national (provincial?) holiday reminds people the preciousness of family, and I will phone my mom which is always good then I'll be a Family Day advocate.

I was looking through some of the posts from last year, well, just the titles actually, and I thought "Man, I'm not being very inspiring this year." And it has really bothered me. I'm feeling like I'm letting my peeps down. I'm not sure how to change it. To be honest there is another area of my life that I feel I am failing to inspire people, so now I'm giving a lot of thought to inspiration.

If you have any tips, or advice, please share. I admit I was a little bit inspired by an email I received today from a mom who loved a pair of Smittens she got for her little fella. She sent pictures, and a video clip of him skiing, and it was pretty inspiring...and adorable.

For a photo prompt...Let's see your inspiration.

Until tomorrow Have an outdoorsy day.

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