Day 18: I have to be honest with you

Day 18: I have to be honest with you

Hello Challenger. How is your Sunday so far. Sundays are my work at home in my pjs day, until it's time to go to hockey. At least that's the dream...doesn't always work out that way, but a girl can dream. 
Yesterday I had a rare day at home, as our regular early morning hockey practice was cancelled. Woohoo. As I enjoyed my day sitting on the couch reading a trashy novel, I wondered whether I would even go out. 

Again, it was  this challenge, both the responsibility of leadership, and fear of hypocrisy that propelled me out the door. It was close though. Late afternoon I sent this text to Cathy.     

get outdoors text          


I was considering taking a selfy holding up today's paper standing out side Shoppers Drug Mart, for proof of my outdoorsing but that seemed perhaps overkill, and I figured everyone would trust me if I said I did go out. 

I ended up picking Thom up from shinny at High Park, and then we went to the store. Not much, but we were out. Outdoors Everyday Challenge for the win. 


Until tomorrow

Have an outdoorsy day

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