Day 22: The Challenge has headed to Dundas...Ontario

Day 22: The Challenge has headed to Dundas...Ontario

Good morning Challengers. 

If you have been following the challenge for a few years you know that I usually head out to Dundas, Ontario, to stay with my mom for a little bit of February. Well, I arrived in Dundas yesterday afternoon, and am tucking in here for a couple weeks; and I'll have some new and beautiful pictures for us to finish off the month with.

One thing that is so fun about staying with my mom (other than my mom of course) is doing the crossword every evening after supper. Last night, my sister joined us for supper and crosswording, so it was extra fun. 

It was a busy day getting ourselves down to Dundas, and getting ourselves settled, so I suggested we order pizza for dinner, and Bobby and I walked through town to pick it up. (We walked the long way because after arriving at the plaza near mom's house, I realized I had no idea where the Domino's was, and had to ask a stranger, and double back). On the way though I took my camera so I could get some shots for today's challenge.

After pizza we did the crosswords, and the answer to the clue 'pointed arch' was the word 'ogee'. Which my sister knew. I confess I had never heard the word before, and when my sister explained it, and then I google imaged it; I realized that today's photo challenge is an ogee! 

It doesn't get much more serendipity than that now does it!

Until tomorrow

Have an outdoorsy day

and good luck finding an ogee to photograph ogee st. james church dundas

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