Day 22: Today’s challenge-leave the phone at home.

Day 22: Today’s challenge-leave the phone at home.

Thanks again to Robyn for todays thought provoking post. 

Today I will be discussing screen time.
I was very late to the 'getting-a-cellphone-game', my Mother vowed to never buy me a phone so I got my first phone at 18! My peers had had their own phones since eighth grade. 
Soon after I got my phone I started an Instagram account for my collage art. It started as a little hobby in my last year of high school, but like everything that I enjoy, I made it my entire life and became obsessed with it. 
After consistently posting art on the internet for a few years, and gaining a bit of a following, I was lucky enough to make it my full-time job at 21. But I was always online, I was always with my phone. It was my job, how can I not? But I grew angry at this. I became so irritated on my dependence to a phone.
 So one day, to the surprise of myself and others, I deleted my social media presence. I disappeared from the internet. I cancelled my phone plan. I would take the bus around the city without the distraction of my headphones. I had to actually look at the world, instead of down at my phone.
I  just wanted to know I could do it. If you're....I don't wanna say old, but if you're a real adult that existed before cell phones, you know about a time when people just left the house and didn't need the constant stimulation of headphones and texts, and distractions. But those are faint memories to me and my peers. We've always had phones. 

Sometimes here in the mountains I find myself taking a video of the view, and with my old phone, it's not like I'm taking any great quality videography. My eyes are better quality than my 7 year old iPhone. 

Today my challenge, and I pray I don't seem too cynical, is to go outside without your phone. For some of you, this is no challenge at all, but for some of you, it will be a really nice break from the constant over stimulation. Go look at stuff, be alone with your thoughts, listen to the world, and not a podcast or music. Even if it's boring for you, even if you're worried someone needs to contact you, it can wait. 
There's no photo challenge today. Just get outside.

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