Day 23: A Day In The Life Of Small Town Ontario

Day 23: A Day In The Life Of Small Town Ontario

Good morning Challengers. 

I think this post may be renamed to: A day at Nana's by Bobby. 

Things seem very different here this year, I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the warmer weather, or Bobby is older, so that's easier, or maybe it's some changes I've noticed this little town. There is now a stop sign at the end of the street I grew up on. That was shocking!

This afternoon Bobby and I headed out to what's called here 'The Driving Park' (not sure why, maybe because people who didn't live within 5 blocks drove there?)

It's funny how kids-no matter how big-love parks. Bobby got out of the car yelling "Yay!" so cute. I walked twice around the park while Bobby played on the climbers, and swung on the swings. We met some cute dogs, and had some fun. Bobby even had an opportunity to promote January Baby, when a mom came running back to the playground because her little one had lost a mitten. He yelled "you need Smittens, then you wouldn't have to do that" Thanks Bobby. One really amazing difference at the park though was that the highschool I went to, is GONE! It's a field at the top of the tobogganing hill now! Holy Moly! 

I guess that's today's outdoorsy lesson. Go somewhere new. Or somewhere you haven't been for a long time; revisit an old favourite place. Then take a picture, and your #outdoorseveryday photo challenge is done. 

Used to be Parkside Highschool Dundas

This is where my highschool used to be. Now it's a field.

Until tomorrow

Have an outdoorsy day.

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