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Day 23: Days that are stacked like Jenga blocks

Day 23: Days that are stacked like Jenga blocks

Good morning Challengers. How are you? Yesterday was a very beautiful day weatherwise wasn't it? And despite being very busy I managed a nice walk to the Junction and back.

Did you get out? I still haven't managed that 'nature' walk I've been craving, but hopefully this weekend. Interestingly I'm talking about a 'nature walk' with a very specific place in mind, but I did do a lot of walking yesterday and even the side streets of Toronto contain a substantial amount of nature.

As I walked along a quiet street, the sounds of the snow melting and running along the street under the banks along the side of the street were reminiscent of walking beside a brook. At the same time the bushes were alive with sparrows, and somewhat ominously there was a very noisy flock of seagulls flying around overhead.

On another note, I got this email from my sister Mandy this morning, who has been a great supporter of the challenge this year:

This is "the sister" and yes, I can agree, Anna hasn't been calling in February desperation so much this year.  Getting outdoors everyday must be helping.  I was out at 7:15 this morning for a walk and noticed cardinals singing like mad.  They must know spring is coming.  I also noticed that the moon was not actually round, more like a blobby oval.  Strange, but fun to notice.  Loving being outside each day.

My challenge for myself (and you) is to get out in some nature this weekend. That's High Park, or the Lakeshore if you you're in Toronto, or the Lynne Valley Trail if you're in Simcoe.

Today's photo challenge-Here is a pic of my favourite types of trees it's a sycamore-I saw it walking along that side street with the noise sparrows and seagulls.

Until tomorrow-have an outdoorsy day.

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Day 30: And we wrap it up for another year
Day 30: And we wrap it up for another year

Even though February was longer than usual this year, it felt like it went by faster, maybe it was the warm weather, with yesterday being the coldest day we had all month. Maybe just the busyness of it, maybe my kids are bigger now, I'm not struggling being shut indoors with Littles. Whichever it was I hope the challenge helped you get through the month too. 

Until next year Challengers...have an outdoorsy day.

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Day 29: I think a car prevents outdoors time
Day 29: I think a car prevents outdoors time

Perhaps the reason I made so many stops was because now I have a car, I don't make that walk as often. I think this time last year, I was walking down to the Junction 3 times a week. 

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Day 28: When life is a cartoon
Day 28: When life is a cartoon

As a favour to those who had to go out to work I said I would brush off the car, then I shovelled our walk, and the best part about it was, I didn`t have to get out of my pajamas. Reminding me of this cartoon my friend made for me. 

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