Day 27: When it's too nice to stay indoors

Day 27: When it's too nice to stay indoors

Good morning Challengers.

Yesterday was the nicest day yet, was it not? Unless you hate beautiful sunny days, or live in Vancouver.

It was so nice out yesterday, I saw people playing tennis at the Driving Park and one of them was wearing shorts.

Bobby and I had a lovely 2 hour walk, and I even revisited one of my many childhood creekbed playgrounds. Bobby wasn't as impressed as me but I enjoyed the nostalgia. Sadly the water level is still a bit high to really take a good hike unless your  wearing your Wellies. (which I wasn't) spencer creek dundas

I had a good laugh at the park, when a little 2 year old wanted to play in the melted skating rink, and the mom said, "no, no, I don't want you to get wet!" and I thought, "Really! Good luck with that!" and made a note to design a line of rain gear for a spring line. 

Being back in my old stomping grounds, really makes me want to show Robyn and Bobby all my favourite hiking spots. I think tomorrow, we'll go for a big hike on the mountain before the weather turns colder (and I use that term loosely)

Tell you all about it tomorrow,

Until tomorrow

Have an outdoorsy day

Photo prompt-are there any historical plaques in your neighbourhood-get a pic.

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