Day 28: February in Photos

Day 28: February in Photos

Challengers! We only have 2 days left for our challenge, and today is the last day of February. Was the challenge successful in making February go by fast? Did you enjoy February more than other years? Did you dodge the February blahs?

I hope so.

For this last day of February 2018, I thought we could revisit some of the photo challenges we did this year. A look back as you will.


Look UpMy little libraryLlamas in high parkSnowman Bloorwest stylelet it snowDucks on the humber

Until tomorrow

Have an outdoorsy day

Photo prompt: It's March 1st-can you find a flower...crocus, or snowdrops

okay one more picture of the llamas, because...well...they're llamas!

llamas in high park

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Day 27: outdoors as a sensory experience.

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xsmall 3-6 months
small 6-12 months
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xsmall 6-12 months
small 12-18 months
medium 18-24 months
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xlarge 3-4 years