Day 30: The challenge becomes full circle

March 02, 2018

Day 30: The challenge becomes full circle

February 1, 2016

Day One:
It's a crazy warm February day, so let's get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Your photo challenge for today is to take a photo of where you come back to after your outdoors activity. In my case I'm at my mom's in beautiful Dundas, Ontario, so I came back from walking to the post office to my mom's 150 year old house.
Tomorrow's photo challenge will be in your inbox tomorrow morning.
Have an Outdoorsy Day

Bobby and Nana. Dundas, Ontario

March 2, 2018

Good Morning Challengers!
Today is the last day of our 30 day challenge. Bitter sweet. 
I realized yesterday that two years ago I began the challenge at my Mom's in Dundas, and thought it was very full circle that I'm closing the challenge this year at my Mom's. 
Bobby and I are heading back to Toronto today, back to real life, (and back to wintery weather?)
I want to thank all of you. For the little notes you have sent me, for the words of encouragements, for letting me know you are out there and are enjoying the emails and photos. Really I guess I should be thanking all of you for my mid-winter-mental-health! Doing this challenges keeps my focus on positive things like outdoors (obviously), but also, creativity (writing), challenges (the photo ideas) and off things like cabin fever, lethargy, inertia, and depression. (no pressure and thanks).
As with every year, I never know what to say on this last day, as I am very bad at good-byes, so I'll just close out today by saying.
Until next year
Have an outdoorsy day.

Today's photo prompt: Selfie-I'll post mine on Facebook and Instagram.

And because I can't resist, let's have one more photo of the llamas!

llamas in high park

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