Repost: Day 8: This will now be my stance on going outdoors

Repost: Day 8: This will now be my stance on going outdoors

Good morning Challengers.

Yesterday I had the most amazing adventure, and it was 100% due to this thanks for that. 

Here I am thoroughly enjoying my time with my moms in #smalltownontario working away on a really fun side project, when I said to myself-go for a walk to Tim Horton's and get a coffee, because otherwise you will spend the whole day inside, and be really grumpy to your moms by 6:00 pm. So I grabbed my Ipod, put on my coat, didn't bother with my hat or neckwarmer (big mistake) and set off to get a coffee. I want to add here, that if it wasn't for the accountability of this challenge, I would probably not have gone. Anyway, on my way to Tim's I have to pass the house of  one of my oldest friends. I didn't think much of it though as it was around 2 and I thought she would be at work, and while she's a very good friend, we only see each other about every 3 years, and mostly keep in touch on line. 

Well lucky me, her car was in her driveway, so I stopped and asked her to walk to Tim's-which she did, then she said she would walk me back to my moms, which she did, then I said I had a library book to return, so we did that. The whole time we had the greatest conversation, so animated and far-out and crazy, I'm smiling right now thinking about it. 

Sadly she had to go to an appointment, so I walked her home, and went back to my mom's. 

And all that, never would have happened if it hadn't have been for the challenge encouraging me to get outdoors. So my new stance from this day forth is: Go outdoors, you never know what will happen...and it'll probably be great.

Until tomorrow-have an outdoorsy day.

Your photo prompt for today: you pick-a pic of a great friend, or something amazing-double points if those two things are the same.


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