Outdoors Everyday Challenge Day 8

Outdoors Everyday Challenge Day 8

Day 8
Well it is a bit ironic is it not that all my talk about what inspires you to go outdoors, and then we get hit here in Toronto with an ice storm. All day I was thinking I would be inspired to go out if I saw a nice pair of Hunter rain boots with shearling liners, or a cool pair of Bogs. But I do have to say as I was driving home from the east end of the city, I was awed by how beautiful the ice coated bushes and branches were. So, in a way I am inspired to go out even if there is an ice storm. 
I'm out for my weekly walk this morning so I'm going to try to get some nice pictures. Check out our Instagram later this afternoon.
Until tomorrow, have an outdoorsy day. Anna

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I'll leave you with this story of community and hope

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Good For You Momma

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