Outdoors Everyday Challenge Day 9

Outdoors Everyday Challenge Day 9

Day 9

I think a big congratulations are in order if you found yourself outdoors today. I am doubly congratulating myself as I went out twice. 

Scratch that. Have you been lucky enough to have had time every day to go outdoors? Yesterday I went out twice and I feel doubly lucky. I met up with my walking buddy, but we decided it may be too slippery from the storm, so instead of walking we went to a coffee shop, but I did walk home afterwards. It was around noon, it was warmer, and not slippery at all. However, I was unable to get a picture of something about the storm, but thanks to Deborah for sharing her pic. 

And then I got to go out to Rennie Park again for some stick and puck with Thom. Two times out with just him and I in one week. Thank you very much outdoors everyday challenge!

I'm still giving a lot of thought about what inspires me to go outdoors.......still no concrete answers, but top of the list is having a friend to share the outdoors with.

Who do you like to go outdoors with?? Will they let you post a pic? I'll try and get one of my walking buddy (you know who you are, you could just send me a pic and make it easy on me)

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Day 30: And we wrap it up for another year
Day 30: And we wrap it up for another year

Even though February was longer than usual this year, it felt like it went by faster, maybe it was the warm weather, with yesterday being the coldest day we had all month. Maybe just the busyness of it, maybe my kids are bigger now, I'm not struggling being shut indoors with Littles. Whichever it was I hope the challenge helped you get through the month too. 

Until next year Challengers...have an outdoorsy day.

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Day 29: I think a car prevents outdoors time
Day 29: I think a car prevents outdoors time

Perhaps the reason I made so many stops was because now I have a car, I don't make that walk as often. I think this time last year, I was walking down to the Junction 3 times a week. 

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Day 28: When life is a cartoon
Day 28: When life is a cartoon

As a favour to those who had to go out to work I said I would brush off the car, then I shovelled our walk, and the best part about it was, I didn`t have to get out of my pajamas. Reminding me of this cartoon my friend made for me. 

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