Outdoors Everyday Day 5

Outdoors Everyday Day 5

Day 5: Do you all know the saying 'there is no inclement weather, just inappropriate clothing'? (and yes it is inclement and not inclimate) 
Well, yesterday was a fail on a couple different levels, but a big W (to quote the teens, its W for the 'win')
I took Bobby and a friend to Rennie park and we were out for over 2 hours-that's the W
Forgot the camera, and, both pairs of Bobby's snowpants were in the trunk of the car, and not the car I was driving-those were the fails.
So, in lieu of a good wintery playing outdoors at Rennie Park photo prompt, I found this in my archives, and thought, 'what says winter fun more than Penguins?'
Have an outdoorsy day, Anna
Don't for get the hashtags

Today's photo prompt: take a picture of a bird.

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Switching to a weekly post format for this year
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Good Day Challengers.
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