Day 9: Well, it happened.

Day 9: Well, it happened.

It happened yesterday. Earlier than I would have expected, but there you go. 

Yesterday, my super friend (let's call her Cathy) came to my rescue (or actually Thom's rescue) and drove me to Mississauga to buy Thom a new stick for last night's game. As we drove, I was telling my friend  that I had skipped boxing because I am feeling really tired. I told her how after our (amazing) walk at High Park Wednesday, I was exhausted for the rest of the day. I woke up yesterday morning wondering if I was sick, or maybe depressed?  Cathy suggested I needed to be more careful to eat properly, and I said yes, maybe I needed more Iron, and I need ginseng too, and more protein while I'm at it. Then I joked that I was grasping at straws and thought everything was wrong with me; when Cathy said "Or it's February for God's sake!" 

So there it is Challengers. Even with going outdoors everyday, fresh air and exercise, February can still getcha'. I honestly thought...I was immune. 

But, I'm happy to report. I went home, took a tablespoon of ginseng, popped an iron pill; mixed up a peanut butter-banana protein smoothie, and feel right as rain, and ready to take on the rest of the month.

Anyone else feeling a little run down? Let's be intentional with our self care; it's extra important right now. 

Photo Challenge let's share pictures of our super friends. (I have to ask my super friend first if I can do that, so check in later today for that)

Until tomorrow

Have an outdoorsy day

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