How to Enjoy Summer With Kids

How to Enjoy Summer With Kids

When I read Jeannine's post for this month I almost cried. She so beautifully tells the story of how to enjoy summer in the city with kids. How to let your days be guided by your heart, and follow the lead of little people where ever they want to go. How to enjoy the long days and savour this special time. Wishing you a wonderful rest of summer.



How to Enjoy Summer with Kids

By Jeannine Spurrell

Every year, as school comes to an end, I see the panic set in on parents’ faces. What are they going to do with their little angels for THE WHOLE SUMMER???    I am lucky enough that I work from home so I am home with my children every day all year long. Things have changed since I was little; when I would have breakfast and head out on my bike until dinner time. Then my siblings and I would be gone again until the streetlights came on.

It’s all in the scheduling….or lack of it

Besides summer sports, and swimming lessons, I do not schedule my kids for anything. That’s right, nothing.  My 6 year old is in soccer and t-ball; the younger two – 22 months and 3 years- are still too little, and the oldest two –17 and 18 years old- have their own social schedule.  We have our one week in July and one week in August for family vacation time, but the rest of the days we plan as we wake up.

Super hot? We hit the splash pad. I have to say this has been a favourite so far this summer.

Rainy and grey? Forts and movies with popcorn are on the agenda.

Feel like seeing some animals? Head to the Toronto Zoo or Riverdale farm.

 Take time to smell the flowers. Head to the Greenhouse and Conservatory.

Kids asking “Why?” on a constant basis? Plan a trip to the Toronto Public Library-who have great programs on during the summer, lots of them free, and only some of them requiring pre-registration.

We make up games in the backyard, go to the corner store for popsicles, pick up a pizza for an impromptu picnic, and feed the ducks.

Every day is a new adventure without me having to stress out about planning and getting kids somewhere by a certain time, for a certain activity. 

Obviously this does not work for parents who have to work and have to schedule camp or daycare for when they are working, but try it out on the weekends.

Don’t schedule every weekend during the summer. Let your kids come up with an adventure for the day. You’ll be surprised at what they come up with and how much easier it becomes to enjoy the summer.


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