The often untalked about benefits of Smittens

The often untalked about benefits of Smittens

When you think about mittens that stay on (even the most determined mitten-taker-offer) you think of Smittens. But even if your Little One keeps their mittens on, Smittens have many other benefits that you may not have thought of. 

The Gap


Thomas was my mitten wearing kid, full confession, mostly he pretended they were boxing gloves and just went around pretending (sometimes) to punch people. It was his older sister that prompted the invention of Smittens, but I hadn't refined the idea when he was a toddler and even though he happily wore his mittens, when he would play outdoors, the snow would get caught between his coat sleeve and his mittens, and he did not like that!. We would get home and although his hands were warm, his little wrists were so red, they burned.
With Smittens, the pocket reaches all the way up to the elbow, eliminating that whole frozen, burning wrist problem. 

.happy to where his mittens

If you start them young enough, they don't even know mittens come off!

little smitten wearer

 I started January Baby while I was pregnant with this little fella, so he wore Smittens from the get go. He never even knew mittens came off, and trust me if he had of known...he would have done it. Luckily that whole issue was avoided by his never having had take offable was a good thing too, because every day we had to pick up his brother and sister from school, and that meant staying to play for at least half an hour, so this baby needed to be weatherproof.

Fleece is soft and warm

Often winter clothing is bulky, and when you layer it, the layers get steadily tighter. Movement is restricted making it hard to get around. Just watch a Little One wearing their snowsuit for the first time trying to play in the snow-the struggle is real. It's hard work,and it's slow going for kids who are used to tearing around at top speed all the time. It's no wonder they want to take it all off and fuss about putting it on. 
January Baby products are made with kids' comfort in mind. Our products are made with top quality polar fleece, which is soft and cozy against kids' skin. No itchy wool, no annoying seams and tags are kept to a minimum and are sewn in separately and are easily removed. All my kids were fussy about their clothes, so when I set out to design a line of outerwear, I knew where the problem spots were.

Even our neckwarmers are effortless.

You pop them on and off you go, helping keep your whole body warm locking warm air in and keeping cold drafty air out. They're so popular, they just aren't for kids, once you try one, it will quickly become your favourite go to accessory whenever you go outdoors. (or if you live in a drafty northern farm house...indoors too.)

at the rink or on the slopes, January Baby neckwarmers keep you warm


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